Dave Giles

A Cover Of Your Choice Recorded Onto A Personalised CD

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Ever wanted me to sing your favourite song?

Well for this modest fee I'll record a version of me singing whatever song you want. You'll receive this song on a personalised CD in a cardboard sleeve (if you have other songs of mine that you'd like on the CD please let me know).

Once you've placed the order, I'll be in contact to discuss what song you'd like me to record and any other extras you might want on the CD.

The recordings with include vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars as a bare minimum, if i feel it needs more, then I may add it.

This is £50 per disc.

There are only 4 of these discs available due to time limitations.

You can of course pay more as well if you want and as with all the money I make is going towards the marketing campaign for the new album 'Tennessee and 48th' which is out on November 2nd. Many thanks for your help!