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A Song Written For You on a Personalised CD

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I will write a song for you based on a brief that you give me. I will record that song and make a personalised CD with other songs that you may choose yourself.

I will commission some artwork from Laura Harrison (who is the brilliant artist who has designed most of my t-shirts and the artwork for the Beginners Guide to Dave Giles CD) for each order based on the final song.

You will also receive a framed handwritten lyric sheet of the final lyric and if you want, the original scribbled lyric sheets.

If you never want me to publish the song then I won't. That will be up to you.

You can of course pay more as well if you want and as with all the money I make is going towards the marketing campaign for the new album 'Tennessee and 48th' which is out on November 2nd. Many thanks for your help!