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English Breakfast Tea - Foil Wrapped Bags

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This item is currently sold out. I will get more stock when in the future, but I'm not sure when that will be at the moment.

This a foil bag with 25 high quality pyramid bags of English Breakfast Tea inside. If you've already got the display tin, then this is perfect to refill the tin, but also works great on it's own or if you already have a tea storage place.

A percentage of what I paid for the manufacturing has gone to educational development within the impoverished areas in and around the tea growing region of Darjeeling.

Each bag is £6.50

You can of course pay more as well if you want and as with all the money I'm make on this site, it's going towards finishing and marketing my next album which I recorded in Nashville in January, which should be out in October/November time. Many thanks for your help!