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English Breakfast Tea Refill Bag

25 tea bags in a resealable doypack. All the money made from the sale of this item will go towards the recording of my next album at Abbey Road Studio 2, thus fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

This everyday breakfast tea is a blend of the finest teas from around the world, combined into one bold, full-flavoured and malty classic blend that is a perfect start to your day.

Use fresh water. Water left in a kettle loses its vitality and makes the tea taste dull.

Leave one teabag in a cup or mug for 2-3 mins in 95-100°C water. You can add milk and/or sweetener if you prefer.

Use 2-3 teabags for a 6 cup pot. If using a pot, rinse first with boiling water to help bring out the flavour of the tea.

Tastes best while streaming Dave’s songs on Spotify.

Origin: India, Sri Lanka & Kenya
Packaged in the UK by the Tea People
Ingredients: Blend of Black tea
Best Before: April 2022

The teabags are made of a material called soilon which is made up of corn starch. The teabags are commercially compostable.

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