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The Abbey Road Experience

SOOO.. i know. This is ridiculously expensive, but I want to try and make an experience which is truly memorable...

It costs £2500+VAT a day to hire Abbey Road, so this would be a huge chunk of a days hire for the studio. I'm hoping to get 10 days, so as you can see... this is going to be an expensive project.

If you'd like to do this, but you can't afford it one payment, please let me know, we can work out a way of spreading payments out over months.

The experience will include a few things:

  • You'll get to spend a day in Abbey Road with me and experience what it is like in there. Within this, I'll give you a tour of the buildings (as much as i'm allowed to) and if you're a musician then we'll figure out a way for you to be part of the recording some how. You'll also have all your food and refreshments covered for the day.
  • When the album is finished, you will of course get a copy of the album, CD or Vinyl or both (whatever you want!) and your name will be included in the special thank you section
  • You can also have whatever other merch you want from this store and if i'm launching any other new products between now and the release of the album, you'll receive those as well if you want them

If you have any questions about this, just drop me a message!

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