The Get Dave To Nashville Tour - October 2017 - eTicket

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*Please note that this is an eTicket event. You'll be sent something through closer to the time of the gig.

I'm going on tour in October to try and raise funds to get me to Nashville.

Confirmed dates so far:

2nd October: The Green Note Basement, London, 14+ SOLD OUT

3rd October: The Green Note Basement, London, 14+ SOLD OUT

4th October: Milk & Sugar, Cardiff, 14+

5th October: Southsea Coffee, Portsmouth 14+ SOLD OUT

10th October: Bom-Bane's, Brighton 14+ SOLD OUT

16th October: The Verve, Leeds, 16+

17th October: The Castle, Manchester, 18+

18th October: The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, 18+

25th October: Jumping Jacks, Newcastle, 14+

26th October: The Montgomery Studio, Sheffield, 14+

27th October: The Ort Cafe, Birmingham 16+

28th October: The Underbelly, Hoxton Square, London 18+ (Fifth anniversary of Love, Life, Loss and Tea Release Party. I'll have a band for this gig)

It's a pay what you want tour which means that if you want you can come and enjoy live music for free and that is completely acceptable and appreciated that you want to turn up. I would ask that if you can afford to contribute that you please consider it, even if it's just a very small amount, if you really can't and one day in the future you end up with some money, I'd urge you to treat your friends to a night of live music, any act of your choosing, just go and support someone. Please don't feel bad about paying nothing or just a small amount. Ultimately, I'd rather have you there than not there, and I want these gigs to be accessible to as many as possible. Please bring your friends along and don't charge them anything, but encourage them to put something in the bucket if they enjoy themselves. It's a great way for me to try and get some new people through the door for me to try and impress.

With that said, I have some expenses like travel, accommodation, venue hires and paying the support act, which could come to roughly £1500. There are currently a total of 580 tickets onsale, so assuming I sell all of the shows out (which would be incredible), a ticket price of £3 will enable me to break even. I'm also trying to make some money for my Nashville trip though, so if you can spare any more than that per ticket, it would be greatly appreciated. Of course if you have no money at the moment, but want to reserve your ticket now, please do. You can offer me money at any point (through paypal, circle, bank transfer or cash) and I'll have a bucket with me on the night for those who wish to pay more than they have already contributed.

Unfortunately, the age restrictions do make this a little bit tricky. Feel free to contact the venue and ask if you can come along with a parent if you feel like you'd really want to come. Sometimes they're can be quite nice about it, but this is what I've been told the limits are. Annoyingly with so many venues closing down and with more acts trying to get gigs in the remaining venues, it seems to be harder to find all ages venues that are either free or that reply to you/return your call.

I should have the bulk of the new songs written for the album by this point, so no doubt I'll be playing the new stuff.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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